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Perodua Ativa Side Mirror Cover

Product Sku : YCS2413

Price : RM 0.00

Color :
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Perfect Fit

Ez Install

Behind Product Included Double Sided Tape

Package Included : 4Pcs /Set

Installation instructions:

1: Clean the surface where you want to stick. Keep dry and clean.

2: Determine the installation location and then make comparison of the product and installation location.

3: Align position and then paste. The paste effect depends on paste correct installation.

4: Please do press hard especially on the edges at least 1-2 mins after installing.



* Because only double-sided tape is used, be sure to remove all dirt and oil from the mounting surface before mounting.

* It is important to dry well, so please do not drive for a whole day after mounting.

* If you mount the product with some dirt left on the mounting surface, the adhesive strength may gradually weaken and the product may come off.

* Do not wash the car within 24 hours. The adhesive should be cured after 12 hours

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